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Is this the real thing?

Artist known as 'Tartan Artisan' recreates Declaration of Arbroath

By Johnston Ralston - - @HeraldJohnston

An Arbroath artist has used state-of-the-art technology to create a totally faithful replica of what is arguably Scotland's most important historical document. The Declaration of Arbroath, which is due to mark its 700th anniversary in 2020, has been reproduced by Steven Patrick Sim.   Full story page 3...

Steven Patrick Sim pictured at Arbroath Abbey with the Declaration of Arbroath Facsimile

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Ultra-modern take

on historical document

A local artist has been inspired to recreate the almost 700-year-old Declaration of Arbroath using ultra-modern techniques.



Steven Patrick Sim, AKA The Tartan Artisan, obtained permission to undertake the project from the National Records of Scotland.


With the aid of a high-resolution image he was able to take exacting measurements and digitally reassemble the medieval document which was in turn sent to a specialist laser cutter to be made from fine art paper and then finally hand-assembled by Steven.


Even the Declaration’s 19 surviving wax seals are reproduced as high-resolution miniature fine art giclée reproductions.


Steven’s work has been turned into a limited edition fine art collectible and he plans to produce 100 life size and 1320 slightly smaller versions.


It has been a real labour of love for him after being inspired by UNESCO’s decision to make the Declaration a ‘Memory of the World’ last year.


He said: “It’s been something that I’ve always been aware of, having lived in Arbroath all my life, and the Declaration has been in the background. It’s only just recently, with the creation of my Declaration tartan, that it’s come to the foreground for me.


‘‘I’d always hoped to do some significant tribute to the Declaration as a piece of art and it has evolved over a period of time.






“When the Declaration was made a UNESCO memory that was the catalyst for me to be inspired.


“The 3D reproduction has been a privilege for me to produce and I feel like it’s something really special. It’s almost like a mark in history that will remain long after I’m gone.”


Response online to the piece has also been encouraging.






He continued: “I’m very pleased about it, I put my heart and soul into every single one I created and the response has been phenomenal.


“On Sunday a lady came down from Aberdeen and her mouth fell open when she saw it.


‘‘She couldn’t believe it, it was much more than she thought, she was stunned.


“I’m very honoured to have been given the opportunity to do this. To get permission from the National Records of Scotland to produce this piece of art was a privilege.’’







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Steven Patrick Sim, creator of the Declaration of Arbroath 3D replica ...the official photo-shoot at the Arbroath Abbey, 3rd April 2017
Steven Patrick Sim

Steven Patrick Sim with the Declaration of Arbroath 3D replica ...a limited edition fine art facsimile reproduced with permission kindly granted by the National Records of Scotland, 2016. Image taken by Drew Porch, at the official photo-shoot, 3rd April 2017 …in the grounds of the Arbroath Abbey.

Crown copyright, National Records of Scotland, SP13/7