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A letter from the Barons of Scotland to Pope John XXII - 6 April, 1320

The Declaration of Arbroath

The Declaration of Arbroath 3D Facsimile by Steven Patrick Sim.webp

A Fine Art collectible Limited Edition 3D Facsimile

April 2024 update :
100 pieces of the original 2016 LIFE-SIZE EDITION are now claimed!

Three Artists' Proofs are still available
#1/2 - #2/2- #3/2 - #4/2

Contact me if you're interested in claiming one of these last remaining artists' proofs!

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Pre-orders now being taken for the newly released
Declaration of Arbroath 7th Centennial Edition! - Produced in 2020 - Limited bookings available in my diary!

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Learn more about the newly released 2020 facsimile editions.
Also the timeline and evolution of the facsimile...

Crown copyright, National Records of Scotland, SP13/7

A medieval cry ...for Freedom!

The most famous document in Scotland’s history, a declaration of Scottish independence, was awarded special status by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).


The Declaration of Arbroath was written to the Pope in 1320, on behalf of the barons and community of the realm of Scotland. This eloquent letter, written in support of King Robert Bruce (Robert I) and an independent Scotland, is still regarded today as a spirited statement of a nation's claim to freedom.

The fine art collectible replica of the Declaration of Arbroath, Declaration of Arbroath

The 3D Facsimile, created by Steven Patrick Sim

Trading as the Tartan Artisan ® - Scotland

Steven Patrick Sim, with the Declaration of Arbroath 3D Facsimile, a collectible fine art edition. 100 life size copies

The creation of these exclusive facsimile editions - a three dimensional fine art reproduction - was inspired over six years ago, after the announcement was made that the Declaration of Arbroath was to be Included in the UNESCO ‘MEMORY OF THE WORLD’ UK register on Tuesday, 5 Jul 2016.​


The surviving copy is in the keeping of the National Records of Scotland

A 21st Century Reproduction
 to commemorate this significant recognition!
...and now marking the passing of the Declaration of Arbroath 7th Centennial Anniversary - 2020.

Originally launched 18.9.16 ...the second anniversary of the referendum on Scottish independence


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